I Need Sincere Comments

Hello there, there’s definitely quite some time since I last posted up any English News or Exercises. I am currently writing my final year thesis for my Geophysics course. Of course, I am very sorry for those who always had the time to stop by and check on this site.

Now I really need a few sincere comments.

Can anyone who stopped by this page, or by sheer luck stumbled upon this posting, please do give me a good definition of “democracy” and how do we delegate “veto” or power so those in certain positions doesn’t misuse them?

Thank you all for your time. I will definitely response to your posts. Thanks.

David Hng


2 Responses to I Need Sincere Comments

  1. jason says:

    Democracy= people’s power
    everyone had their rights to give their oppinion and the majority will decide

    Democrazy=people have power only to talk but not decide, decision is made by man of power.

    Veto delegation=the one who contribute and donates the most money + time for the rakyat should hold veto.
    time value : 1 hour = rm100

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