Hello English Speaking People Of The World!

Sorry for being absent and not updating the site for a while. I am hands full with interns servicing and an event namely B.U.D.A.Y.A [Building Unity and Developing Awareness through Youth of AIESEC]. It is a huge project, yes!

With two interns namely Geertje from Netherlands and Tomo from Japan working with us in AIESEC USM, Penang, there was a whole lots of activities carried out and we still have the B.U.D.A.Y.A Concert this weekend with an estimated attendance of 1500 PEOPLE!!!

It is hard to describe B.U.D.A.Y.A in a sentence so let me just make it short and simple. The acronym BUDAYA in Bahasa Malaysia [Malay Language] actually means CULTURE in English. This mega project was executed to spread the awareness of the importance of culture in our daily lives. It started with a roadshow in the many schools of Penang and now an International Country Exhibition and will be ending with a blast of cultural performances in The B.U.D.A.Y.A Concert.

Sorry guys and I shall be at your service to provide the latest news and articles of English once again.

David Hng

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