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David J. Pollay as taken from his company’s website.


David J. Pollay is the founder of the Momentum Project, an organization whose mission is to help leaders and their organizations build and sustain powerful momentum in order to achieve their goals. The promise of The Momentum Project is to enable leaders to mobilize their teams to reach levels of performance never before achieved. The Momentum Project fulfills this promise by teaching leaders how to put into practice the principles of Strengths-Based Positive Psychology Leadership Development.Mr. Pollay has led, spoken to and trained thousands of people in his career, and has personally managed hundreds. His roles have ranged from chief executive officer to sports-team captain. Mr. Pollay is best known for his focus on developing and utilizing the best talents and strengths of his employees and those in his client organizations.

Mr. Pollay is launching the Young International Leaders Organization (YILO) in Applied Positive Psychology in 2006. YILO is dedicated to bringing the cutting-edge research of Positive Psychology to young leaders worldwide. YILO’s membership will include leaders from every country around the globe. YILO’s vision is to help Young Leaders shape a world in which people’s strengths are valued and applied, and lesser strengths are overcome through partnership. Martin Seligman Ph.D, Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, former president of the American Psychological Association, and co-founder of Positive Psychology; Christopher Peterson, Ph.D, world-renown Strengths Researcher, author, and professor at the University of Michigan; and Karen Reivich Ph.D, acclaimed Resilience Researcher, author, and teacher at the University of Pennsylvania, are three outstanding YILO advisors.

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Prior to founding the Momentum Project and his work with YILO, Mr. Pollay was the director of Learning and Development at Yahoo! Inc. in Sunnyvale, California. He introduced and led Yahoo!’s first management development program, working with the president and chief financial officer. Mr. Pollay was well known for helping leaders and managers increase their performance through focusing and developing their employees’ talents. His team, known as the Yahoo! Talent Channel, was responsible for providing training and new-hire orientation to employees worldwide.

Mr. Pollay joined Yahoo! in May, 1998 to initiate and develop Yahoo!’s Customer Care organization. He was successful as an early advocate for internet companies to provide outstanding service to their customers. Reporting to the president, Mr. Pollay rapidly built a team of more than 130 associates worldwide, with an infrastructure capable of supporting customer service via email and telephone in more than 10 languages. His team responded to nearly one million emails and phone calls per month. Known company-wide for developing talent, Mr. Pollay helped promote forty of his Customer Care associates into roles in marketing, sales, legal, and operations.

Prior to Yahoo!, Mr. Pollay directed the Atlanta-based Customer Service Center for Global Payment Systems, a subsidiary of National Data Corporation in Atlanta. He served in leadership roles at MasterCard International in New York, including director of planning and administration for MasterCard’s Automated Point of Sale Program (MAPP), the most profitable division of MasterCard. Mr. Pollay was also president and chief executive officer of AIESEC in the United States, the largest student-run business exchange program and management development organization in the world. He was recently inducted into the AIESEC International Alumni Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Agra, India. Mr. Pollay was also honored with his selection to chair the ten-day AIESEC Annual International Congress, an event held this year in Warsaw, Poland, and attended by 800 leaders from more than 100 countries.

Mr. Pollay is a graduate of Yale University with a B.A. in Economics. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania, the only post-graduate program of its kind in the world. He is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, and was recently chosen to serve as the first president of the MAPP alumni association. He has completed research on the “Strengths Profiles of Leaders in Organizations” and presented his paper at the International Positive Psychology Summit in October, 2006. Mr. Pollay directs the Momentum Leadership Program at the Village Academy, an inner-city elementary school in Delray Beach, Florida. The program teaches the principles of Positive Psychology Leadership Development to emerging leaders in the 6 th and 7 th grades.

Mr. Pollay is a weekly columnist with The Boca Raton News, and a monthly columnist with the Boomer Times & Senior Life. He resides in Florida with his wife Dawn and their two young daughters, Eliana and Ariela.

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