Elementary School Students Begin English Language Arts Exams

January 9 2007

After months of preparation, city third, fourth and fifth grade students began the first day of the English Language Arts exams Tuesday.

The tests, which have multiple choice and essay components, can be nerve-wracking for students and parents.

“I think the short answer – second part of the test. That’s what I am more worried about,” said one student, referring to the writing portion of the exam.

For the first time, under the “No Child Left Behind” act, even students whose native language is not English are required to take the test if they have been in school in the city for more than a year. In the past, those students would be exempt from taking the test for up to three years.

Despite all the pressure, at least some students who spoke with NY1 Tuesday morning said they felt prepared.

“My teacher made us do a lot of reading stuff, and we used a laptop and he took us to a website that helped us a lot,” said one student.

“The second part of the test is that you’ve got to listen to it, and then you’ve got to write notes and then you’ve got to answer the questions,” explained another student.

Students in the sixth, seventh and eight grades have a little more time to prepare. They take the ELA exams next week.

The state math exams are right around the corner in March.

David Hng


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