Free Education

Yesterday was fantastic. I had so many readers coming from all over the world reading this Speak In English website. One reason why readers/learners/students flocked this site is simply because most/all of the content here are free! I don’t charge anyone any cash/credits for what I offer here on my site.

As long as the people need English education, they can just stop by this site and get whatever they want out of it. I for one, is personally pleased by the amount of people seeking to learn English. One of the reader even searched in AOL with the tag, “start the day with speaking english“. I am so pleased with this particular person as he/she has actually practiced the *culture of excellence! Therefore, I am very pleased to continue providing excellent contents here free-of-charge [FOC].

I started my day so positively and I am even more positive now that the you guys are excellent people!

David Hng

*Culture of Excellence – A culture where one practices being positive and optimistic in his/her daily routine and work. In this culture, one strives for excellence and achievements every single moment of his/her life and not letting any moment pass him/her by without tasks/work being done. If you are this type of person, then let me congratulate you as you will definitely be very successful in life.


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