Speak Easy

Do you speak English confidently? Do you speak in English every time you have an opportunity to do so, or do you shy away? Do you start conversations in English and then switch to a language you are more comfortable with? How often have you been in a situation where you knew what you wanted to say but couldn’t find the right words? A close look at these problems will reveal that the root of it lies in our inability to communicate our thoughts clearly and effectively.

Effective communication is important to all us in every sphere of our lives — be it our education, our career or our relationships.

So if you have answered yes to the above questions how does one solve the problem? The answer is to know the language better because:

Better language = Better communication = Confidence

Needless to say, Communicating confidently is the secret of living a happy and successful life.

Why is English so important?
Because whether we like it or not it’s the language of higher education and business in India. In a multicultural and diverse country like India with many different language and dialects it seems to be emerging as a second language which is making it easy for people to communicate.

According to the British council, English has official or special status in 75 countries and is the main language for international business and academics.

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