Ideas For New Year

Christmas has just passed with the blink of your eyes. When you finally came to reality, you found that you are broke [due to the shopping spree for Christmas parties, clothings and even presents]. Now it’s time for New Year. You can’t be a 24/7 Santa Claus for the whole year through. So what are you going to do??

I have some wonderful ideas and of course, using the maipulation of words. This is what i plan to do and so can you! I am planning to send SMSes, not just normal SMSes to wish everyone BUT ones with feelings and expressions. And below are some examples of SMSes that I will send to everyone.

Family Members – Dearest, another year is passing us by. We see each other so little but yet our memories are fond. Do you remember me just like how I am missing you? If there is a moment of absolute truth in me, the moment is now and dearest, I love you. Happy New Year and love you always!

Friends – Hey, the year was long but where were we? We met not many a time but my memories of you were among those I really cherish. I miss those jokes, laughters and pranks we shared but most importantly, I miss you. Happy New Year and may we meet again in the best of ourselves!

Colleagues – Hello buddy. Thanks for covering up my mistakes and praising me in front of those who asked of me this whole year through. I really appreciate it. It’s going to be a whole new year ahead but I am happy to have the old same pleasant you to be there for me. Happy New Year and you’re the best!

Others – Happy New Year. It’s going to be a great year ahead of us with many unknown, uncertain and unpredictable road ahead BUT, I wish you all the best! You know, I’ll always be here when you need an ear, a shoulder or even any pieces of me. May you have a wonderful year ahead and God bless!

Well, well, looks like many of you already have even better SMSes in mind already! Go work on them people! Let your imaginations run wild and maybe you should run wild to let your imaginations soar. Happy New Year everyone and I, David Hng personally wish you a prosperous and fantastic year ahead. Do come back and visit me here every once in a while. I love you guys!

David Hng


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