Resolution For New Year!

RESOLUTION! What does this word actually means?
According to Oxford Online Dictionary , this word is a noun with the following meanings;

  1. a firm decision.
  2. an expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body.
  3. the quality of being resolute.
  4. the resolving of a problem or dispute.
  5. the process of reducing or separating something into components.
  6. the smallest interval measurable by a telescope or other scientific instrument.
  7. the degree of detail visible in a photographic or television image.

But English is wide and we can understand it from different perspectives. As for me, yes the word RESOLUTION brings about the above meaning PLUS a little more.

Let me explain myself.

The word RESOLUTION can also be read as RE-SOLUTION in which the word RE means renew, reactivate or restore while the word SOLUTION means answer or solve. When put together, this two words ‘RE-‘ and ‘SOLUTION’ actually bring about the meaning of ‘RESOLUTION’ to a new dimension of understanding. Now, we can actually say that the word RESOLUTION means the renewing, reactivating and restoring of answers or ideas!

This New Year, you can start anew with this word that you learnt here; RESOLUTION. Instead of making new firm decisions, you can actually REACTIVATE or RENEW your old RESOLUTIONS or ANSWERS. Make this New Year a celebration of knowledge and wisdom. Start fresh and start new!

David Hng


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