New Year Celebration!

2006 is almost over and 2007 is just few hours ahead. The eastern countries will start the New Year ahead of the western countries. 2006 changing to 2007 is an occasion that will be felt by all regardless of race, religion and ethnic background.

Everything will be new, from resolutions to financial plannings. As for me, I’m working hard to provide my readers with a better site. I am planning to move this site, or maybe I should maintain this site and start a new site in another host server. In any manner, I still will work on this site and the two E-books that I promised earlier on.

I am planning to give the first 20 E-books free of charge and I am woking hard to complete the two E-books as soon as possible. 20 free E-books x2 meaning I will be giving away a total of 40 free E-books to 40 different lucky individuals.

I am planning to launch the E-books at my new site but don’t worry, I will be updating all my “Speak In English” readers of my progress every now and then. I will also allow a few lucky readers to sneak preview the new site soon.

A very big hug to all the readers here and thank you. Feel free to drop by and comment. 9 days and 36 readers; together we shall make it a great year ahead.

David Hng


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