Celebrating With English

I would like to wish every visitor a very Merry Christmas. And perhaps I am not too late as Christmas is actually celebrated for a span of 12 days.

During the festive season [e.g. Christmas], I noticed that the usage of English language increased dramatically. Being an observant person myself, I made a summary of 5 different reasons of why people chose to speak in English.

  1. English is the universal language or as the 2nd language.
  2. Some people are used to speak in English or are dependant on English as they do not know any other languages.
  3. Some people use English as the medium of conversations as they are from different races and backgrounds.
  4. Some people think that speaking in English will earn themselves a higher reputation or position themselves as educated people.
  5. Some even think that speaking in English will make others attracted to them or like them better.

As for me, English has been a language which almost all the citizens of this world understand. Therefore, speaking in English is something very relevant towards yourself and your surroundings. Given a month or two, even your pets could understand English so why not you?

Speaking English will earn you a lot more than you can imagine. Just for an example or two, English can help land you to a better job, a promotion or even let you bargain for a better price when purchasing your goods.

It’s up to you now. To learn or not to learn, that’s the question!

David Hng


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