Your Guts Hated You

You guts hated you [and vice versa]? Your guts hid themselves when you need them most? Butterflies instead of audacity? I know, I know that’s the reason why you are here.

Top ten queries you often ask yourself:

  1. Why can’t my mouth just open? [locked-jaw]
  2. What the hell is wrong with my legs? [trembling/shivering legs]
  3. I am not hungry, am I? [churning stomach/gastric-like pain]
  4. Isn’t this place air-conditioned? [sweating profusely]
  5. What is that line again? [short term memory]
  6. Am I good enough? [self-doubting]
  7. Why can those guys talk like a bullet-train? [envying others]
  8. God, is my guardian angel here yet? [reassurance]
  9. Am I crazy to be up here? [drastic-last-minute pullback]
  10. IS THIS WEBSITE THE RIGHT SITE FOR ME? [come on… cheer up!]

And yes, this website is where you belong if you have those 10 questions in mind [or maybe others as well].

For a start, I have a friend who was one of the quietest guy in the whole universe. One thing for sure, I knew that he was really bad in the English language. The only language he was good at was Chinese Mandarin. Today, he leads a total of 60+ members of an organisation for weekly sessions mentoring them in pure English! That is a great change in less than a year’s time.

Another female friend of mine, who is another Chinese Mandarin speaker used to converse with me over the phone in pure English with me correcting her everytime she made a mistake. For that, she called me “Teacher” whenever she sees me now. Today, she has graduated and is working in a chemical factory which uses English as its primary language.

Oh well, I might as well share with you yet another inspiring truth about someone I know closely. He was one of the worst speaker when I knew him back in the early 90’s. Gradually he grew to learn how to love English but still he spoke with broken English most of the time. In the early 20’s he finally took the courage to stand on a stage to be the Master of Ceremony [MC] for his High School on his country’s National Day. He went on leading the High School choir team, 3 clubs and societies and stood up for so many events that he lost count of how many there is. He graduated from High School with distinctions for his English subject.

Entering the University saw him being the MC for Gala Dinners and Official/Opening Ceremonies and yes the crowd loves him as he could really turn the atmosphere on. And at the University, he scored distinctions as well for his English subjects. His professor for Creative Writing Lecture once shook his head in disbelief as he witnessed this guy composed a 12 stanza [paragraph for poetry] of 4 lines each in just a mere 30 minutes. I know it is not impossible to be like him. I know it is not impossible to do ALL THIS tasks simply because;


Don’t be afraid of speaking English. Instead, try to be more afraid of your inability to speak English. When you have set your directions right, then your directions will set you enlighted!

David Hng


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