Your English Sounds Funny

Did you ever had people telling you that your English sounded funny when you were having a conversation with them? YES?!? Let me tell you a secret; I have people telling me the same thing a long time back!! Now, that makes us equal – meaning there’s no superiority between you and me. We are facing just the same situation and having the same dilemma.

Practice makes perfect. And I am a good example of that particular idiom. Why should there be any question when it comes to practice? Have you been practicing your speaking skills lately? Have you been reading any form of narratives? Have you been writing a short paragraph in English? If you had done any of those, or all of those and your English doesn’t improve, then IT MUST HAVE MEANT that you haven’t been trying hard enough. Let me put it in simple words; YOU ARE NOT PUTTING YOUR HEART INTO ENGLISH!

Let me be frank with you. Your English is ONLY going to improve, IF AND ONLY IF you are practicing. If you don’t wish to pratice or you don’t think you are ever going to practice, then please don’t visit this site any longer. Don’t waste your time reading my postings and don’t bother worrying on your current English skills.

This is the second day of my site launching. Learning English is going to be fun for you. Trust me, you are going to love it!!

David Hng


2 Responses to Your English Sounds Funny

  1. kenwahfu says:

    Good post, but what standard or level is your English right now.


  2. Thank you for a building comment. I really don’t know how to rate the level of English that I have right now. This is simply because the English language is not what we can just rate by examinations and such. So far, I have scored distinctions in my education English with a surplus of experience as a speaker of English. To add value to my explanation, I would proudly say that I was an English tutor for High School students at a tuition centre. I was even offered a job at an English Tutoring Centre aiming at educating working adults when I was just 19 years of age. But let’s not get too far in my achievements. As much as you value my experience, I would like to thank you for dropping by and a Belated Merry Christmas.

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