Start Speaking English

Newspapers, E-books, blogs, websites or even chatting in Instant Messengers are great ways to kickstart your English speaking and reading habits. The more constant you are [habitual consumer/user], then it’s definitely going to be even more rewarding for you.

Personally, I am going to start to write two E-books which are “The Basics of English.” and “I Hate Your Guts.”

“The Basics of English.” is going to cover a little grammar and writing skills you will need in your daily life may it be work, school or even self-learning. This E-book is going to cost a little of course but when I launch it, you can bet that your English command will start to grow within weeks into the E-book. [That’s if you follow the instructions provided.] This E-book is going to be a little special because it is suitable for most ages, meaning you and your family can share the same E-book because it is going to be working for all.

“I Hate Your Guts.” is another E-book that I have in mind for the working class of people. 6 out of 10 people didn’t have the courage to speak up when they are facing a huge audience. Sweaty palms, heavy breathings, fast heartbeats or even occasional coughs are not what you need when you are facing your boss, clients, audience or even your drop-dead-gorgeous crush. If you are one of those who are affected by this problems, then this E-book is definitely what you need. Find no more, worry no more and you can proudly say goodbye to your sleepless nights with so much guts. Why pay so much for a book that will burn a hole in your pocket? With this E-book, you are going to be walking out of your home everyday, smiling with your GUTS plus your money!

The launching of these two E-books will be decided later on as we progress on this website and see the demand of them. In the meantime, I will still keep updating this site with relevant information, both on the E-books and also, how you can make your English work for you!

David Hng


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